Cooking Club at Wall Street English

Cooking Club at Wall Street English

Last Saturday, the 5th of March was the first session of cooking club that was hosted by our coach Fatma Triki and team leader Ghofrane Laabdi, at our center in Lac1.

All Set up !

We had the pleasure to welcome the future members of our club which is going to be held on a regular basis, once a month. To start off, we had a small chat about the purpose of the club, which can be summarized in having fun and making some good food while testing new recipes from various cuisines.  Students were provided with ingredients and kitchen equipment, and they had a chance to review the language they already knew and learn the new words.

Good Job!

As the first trial, we made two different types of pasta, the Go-To recipes of our Chefs – Ghofrane’s Wall Street English Chili Pasta and Fatma’s “Zizi” Pasta (named after her best friend that she created the recipe with). The atmosphere was really amazing and encouraging because our students took an active part in helping the two Chefs. It was a wonderful first experience, as the participants said. For students, it was not just an activity to learn English, but to also share the passion for food and socialize while having lunch prepared by them.

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