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5 Steps Towards a Successful Career

11/03/2020 By

Wall Street English Tunisia invited Souad ANNABI HAJJAM, Senior consultant and executive coach at PPM Consulting, Coaching & Training, as a guest speaker in WSE Menzah 6 to talk about the 5 Steps to a Successful Career Path.


“Let’s start by defining a “successful career”. Is success defined by the type of job, the nature of the job, the title, the notoriety, the power, the money, the knowledge, the know-how, the freedom or by all these criteria at the same time or by other criteria that are not on this list? ” 

When we use these common and universal words such as success, we often think that we are all talking about the same thing but the representations and materialization of these words depend on several factors including our past and present experiences as well as our expectations, needs, and motivations. So start by asking yourself, “What is career success for me?”, a question whose wording is so simple but the “fair and satisfactory” answer is so hard to find. Do not copy others’ definitions. Your representation of success belongs to you and you are the only person who can access it.

Once you have found the answer to this question and have defined what career success means to you, be sure to verbalize all the criteria that may allow you to know if your career choices bring you closer to success. Be as specific as possible. For example, “Having the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions and services for my clients on a daily basis”, “Feeling an immediate impact of my work on the well-being of my clients”, “Getting the opportunity to meet and collaborate with talented people on intellectually challenging projects”, “Work part-time and earn a decent salary of xxx TND”

When your criteria have been defined, classify them into 2 categories: the indispensable and the optional. Then create an adapted rating system taking into account the minimum 3-level rating scale (not met (0)-satisfied (1)-very satisfied (2)) and the weight of the criterion (for example 2 for indispensable and 1 for optional).

For each job opportunity, make rigorous evaluations using these criteria and at the chosen scale. For each criterion, you must be able to calculate a score (evaluation * weight). By adding these scores, you get, for each opportunity, a weighted final score. This score will help you compare opportunities between them and evaluate each opportunity relative to a maximum score.

The proposed method certainly allows you to make thoughtful choices but does not spare you disappointments, mistakes, and failures. Every professional experience has its share of uncertainty and accepting this principle will allow you to bounce back in the face of unforeseen events. On the other hand, even if you have always lived in a sense of self-satisfaction and feel you have already succeeded, stay alert and anticipate the moments of decline, disappointment or doubt. No success is fully achieved. For example, you can continuously train yourself, develop your networks or join a community that allows you to stay informed about new developments. Finally, if you have checked all the boxes on your checklist of criteria but there is still a feeling of discomfort. If you have trouble maintaining a proper level of motivation and that any obstacle leads you into a challenging cycle, then there may be some success criteria, which you have not included in your checklist, that are not met. 

So are you being challenged on your criteria by people who you know and trust? Otherwise, you can always use a professional coach who can help you raise awareness and verbalize these criteria.


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