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The program focuses on general communicative English, starting from beginner to upper intermediate level. The training ensures that learners progress as effectively and rapidly as possible, retaining and building upon language already learned.


Unique experience


At Wall Street English we offer a customized curriculum rather than standard one. We tailor everything to your needs to make sure you reach your goal you want whether it’s learning English for business, your career, travel or fun! Our English course is designed around a sitcom-style storyline keeping you engaged. Our levels are built around the Global Scale of English (GSE) with 20 levels of English.


4 étapes pour améliorer votre prononciation en anglais


Customized curriculum


A complete immersion experience in convenient center locations. Highly flexible with employees able to take lessons in-center or online and with in-center classes scheduled around busy lifestyles. Ideal for companies which want an immersive experience for their employees.



Personalized and flexible method


The Wall Street English experience is personalized and most importantly, flexible. You can study online anytime, anywhere. You can study in our centers or at home. You can even book classes online to fit in with your schedule.

You can also start your course when you want and you will have a level test to make sure your course starts at the best level for you. We have 20 different levels and a student dashboard so you can see your personal progress at any time.


Are you 17 years old or older? Make an appointment now with one of our education consultants! The level test is offered to you!