Hatem Frikha – How to Mix Passion with Profession: Guest Speaker at WSE Menzah 6

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You have likely heard the adage, “Choose a profession you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. In fact, we all seem to know at least one person who bought a professional camera and began making money by actually becoming a photographer and many more examples of people who were able to turn their passion into a concrete money-making endeavor.

But let’s face it, it is pretty unlikely that you’ll find a career doing EXACTLY what you love to do. If that happens; remember, you may not follow your passion but make sure to always bring it with you! Our guest speaker, yesterday, at Wall Street English Menzah 6, is a very good example of an inspiring person who managed to find a way to mix their passion with their profession, creating a purposeful life.

“Hatem Frikha”, whose passion is music, is a leader in his field of expertise, with over fifteen years of experience in management consulting in the USA, France and North Africa. He is also an accomplished musician.

When asked by students about his craft, “Music, precisely playing the “Zither” known as “Quanun”, has always been a hobby and not a job” He also highlighted that, “Passion is too important to live without, yet, too temperamental fully embraced.

Yesterday, we had the honor and pleasure to hear all about Hatem, as well as Ines’s mesmerizing voice. Now, we can all agree that whatever your work is, you can always find room in your life for the things that make your heart “sing”.

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Video of the event

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