How can 5G shape the Future! 

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And YES Technology has introduced the 5th Generation of wireless internet with faster speeds and a wider range than previous networks.And in order to keep you up to date, Wall Street English hosted this event on December 12th, where we heard from Hichem Besbes, professor and head of the COSIM research lab at Sup’Com.


During the event, our guest speaker explained the main capabilities of the 5G which is essentially ten times faster than its predecessor, its response time is 10 times quicker, and it’s also more efficient. “Like electricity, you will expect it everywhere,” added Dr. Besbes. Not only that, 5G technology is also compatible with trendier devices and services such as smart cities, drones and robots.

To be more technical here are the major capabilities coming with 5G

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB): higher bandwidth and higher speeds for densely populated urban areas and event locations.​

  • Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (uRLLC): Real-time interactions for mission critical communications (robotic control, drones). Tactile response < 1 ms. ​

  • Massive Internet of Things (mIoT): Connection of billions of low-cost, long range, ultra-energy efficient devices, machines and things from remote locations as well as cloud applications. ​

A Revolution or Evolution? 

It only took 7 years for the internet to gain 50 million users! Imagine how fast 5G will exceed that number. Indeed, the emergence of 5G is going to revolutionize digital economy. How? Our guest speaker Hichem Besbes explained what the future is bringing us

“Digitize everything you touch. ​” He said, in other words, 5G will make it easier and definitely faster for us to share, buy and sell, as he believes that Digital Economy is all about SHARING, 5G would go hand in hand with APPs such as Airbnb and Uber.

Finally, Besbes added that scientifically 5G is actually safe! You might ask, “How about Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure?” ​However, our guest speaker has already answered that question by sharing a youtube video with us about that matter, confirming that decades of research has shown there are no adverse effects on human health from mobile phones or telecommunications. We can proceed to deploy 5G, the new generation of wireless networks, without fear. 

Long story short, 5G will change the way manufacturing companies run and will dramatically affect the global business environment​. Internet usage will increase through 5G capabilities, as well as other technology developments: ​



  • 5G mission-critical-communications capability based on URLLC. ​

  • 5G ability to support up to 1 million devices per sq. km. ​
  • 5G network slicing addressing precise quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. ​
  • High accuracy 5G positioning information. ​
  • 5G support for time-sensitive networking. ​
  • Private edge clouds that provide scalable, secure local computing. ​
  • Machine learning (AI) for monitoring, prediction, and optimization. ​

To conclude We are at the BEGINNING of the digital revolution     ​

We are expecting many new opportunities​, so in the words of Dr. Besbes, “Be visionary.” 


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Video of the event

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