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To learn our native language, we go through four basic steps, starting from listening to learn our language, speaking it, reading it, and finally beginning to write it.   

On the one hand, listening and reading are receptive and natural. On the other hand, communication and writing are productive. In order to acquire the four components, you should surround yourself with an English-speaking environment to introduce the language into your daily life at home, at your workspace, and even during your free time.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome difficulties and improve your learning experience. Surround yourself with a 100% English environment. Practice makes perfect! Therefore, you must practice each of the four skills.



Listening plays a vital role in language learning. Try to focus as much as you can and understand the meaning. This will allow you to automatically improve your way of speaking afterward.

Listen to your English music and try to understand the lyrics. Read the lyrics and repeat. This is a great exercise to improve your pronunciation and your listening as well!

Attend events hosted by English-speakers at your school or business.

Watch your favorite series or movie in English and English subtitles: This will allow you to practice your listening skills, and also to see how words and phrases are written.



This is the most complicated step of the four skills, but it is also the most important.

 – Participate more on social networks: Do not miss the opportunity to meet English language masters in Tunisia. There are several groups on social media that organize social events. You can find them in outdoor events in restaurants cafes or cinema. This is a great opportunity to speak with foreigners living in Tunisia. It may sound funny but it is very effective!



It’s a process that takes a little more time. But do not worry!

Read booklets and articles in English. The more you read English books, the more easily you will be able to understand sentences structure, spelling, grammar and expressions. The trick is to start with books you have already read in French or Arabic. That will be easier for you to understand the story! You can also read children’s books and magazines. Do not worry if you do not understand all the words at first but the most important thing is to understand the general meaning. The rest will come by practice!

Put your phone and computer in English mode.



-Write down notes and small expressions in English: Do you like writing diaries? Try to write your diary in English.

Do you read English blogs? Do you read Instagram often? Feel free to leave comments and interact on topics that interest you on social media. You can always fix mistakes by asking people around you to correct your spelling or just use the automatic spelling corrector.

Do not use complicated sentence forms. Just describe your opinion in a few simple sentences or a few words. All the tips mentioned can be summed up in one word: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!!!

The key to learning any language is to practice as much as you can! Keep up an intense pace and a regular rhythm: scheduling half an hour a day is ideal to maintain your level in English, and you can always use our application for better practice. 


Become an active learner:

Being Active learning means 3 things participating engaging, and collaborating with others. Make a daily habit and force yourself to the new language: Make the most of English around you.

-Read the signs you see on buses and trains.

-Start the conversation with people on public transportation.

-Read food labels at the grocery because of its great practice for you.

-Read and pay attention to vocabulary and spelling of the menu.

Remember you need Patience, learning a foreign language is always a messy business. You will make mistakes, you will feel embarrassed sometimes, but this should not stop you. Be confident!  


Travel and Spend time in an English-speaking country

Don’t waste your money doing anything, save it and plan an exciting trip to a foreign country where the English Language is mostly spoken! Do not also think about the fancy trip or hotels if your target is learning English, we find you a great solution to spend less money on that by finding a cheap or even a free housing in one of the very famous websites like Airbnb, CouchSurfing etc..

You also can be An aupair! What’s that? Actually, it’s a great opportunity for you to meet the world and learn a new language while living in with a foreign family and doing tasks for their kids like teaching them your native language picking them from school, grocery shopping playing in the garden, practicing sports etc.

This kind of programs offers multi-level conversation classes, and help you improve your English vocabulary through listening, speaking, and presentations. However, you can create a great network with new friends who are in the country with the same program! 


Do fun interactive exercises

Exercises obviously help you learn new vocabulary, but they don’t necessarily have to be written. Try doing some interactive exercises as we have at Wall Street English, which is really fun! These might include drag and drop quizzes, matching words to meanings, gap-fills, spelling games and much more.


Set yourself an objective

If you feel you really need to make a lot of progress with your English, set yourself a clear goal and work towards it weekly. You could, for example, decide to learn 15 new words every week, based on a particular topic. Create a mind map with these words (to help you visualize them and make sure they’re connected in some way) and make an example for each one. Then review these words daily for a week. After a couple of weeks, go back to that set of words and see how many you can remember.


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