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How to Learn English

Learning any language requires time, consistency and motivation. If you don’t finish a course, it’s normally because one of these elements is missing. At Wall Street English, you can study when and where you want, making it easy to find the time to learn and do so consistently, and our fun and practical method with continual feedback and support keeps you highly motivated.

Learn practical language

For almost everyone in today’s busy world, time is valuable, so how you learn English when you dedicate your time to it is extremely important. English is the language you need for work, for travelling, and for your leisure time, and the kind of language you need is practical. You have to understand what you hear and be able to respond immediately, normally speaking. This is why at Wall Street English you spend your study time focusing on these practical skills – listening and speaking, in typical everyday situations, such as a taking part in a business meeting or ordering a meal in a restaurant.

Learn in a natural way

With our method of natural acquisition, at Wall Street English you learn to speak English as you learned your native language. First you listen to new words and phrases and understand the meaning of this new language through context, and then you repeat it and start using it yourself. Our method is both effective and fun and transforms people’s old ideas of what language learning is all about.

Learn at your speed

At Wall Street English, we know that everyone learns at a different speed. In our course you control how fast you make progress. If you find some lessons easy, you can complete them quite quickly and move on. If you find other lessons harder, you can slow down and look at some language again, practice further, and then go on. The course adapts to your needs, which means every student, no matter what their speed, can reach their objective.

Studying at Wall Street English is the easiest and the most fun way to learn.

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