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Lotfi Saibi, Technology Advancement and Changing Leadership Responsibilities: Guest Speaker at WSE – Menzah 6

26/09/2019 By

In September 24th, Wall Street English Menzah 6 center welcomed Mr. Lotfi Saibi who is a President and Senior Consultant of 4D Leadership House (4DLH). Mr. Lotfi Saibi gave a speech, which is entitled ‘Technology Advancement and Changing Leadership Responsibilities‘, about his work on human development and leadership.

After leaving Tunisia, Mr. Saibi graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. During his graduate degree years, Mr. Saibi pursued a Master’s degree in Business Management and Operations from Harvard University. Mr. Saibi has been assisting international companies to improve productivity and performance throughout his 30 years of experience.
Mr. Saibi began his presentation by defining leadership as ‘a behavior’ and not ‘a title’ or ‘a diploma’. He emphasized how crucial it is to start with individual self-leadership,Ask yourself how you can contribute to it? Good leadership begins within!‘ Next, Mr. Saibi moved to the second part of the speech by saying that technology is a new element. He talked about the advantages of technology and how it is becoming a basic necessity of life. Nevertheless, Mr. Saibi brought the audience’s attention to the potential danger of technology, ‘Technology is the master if it is left unchecked. It can lead to various problems including disconnect, loss of values and distrust.’ In his talk, Mr. Saibi proposed a solution to the problem which is Transformative Leadership. According to the guest speaker, people, processes, and results can be transformed through the change of minds, behavior, and perception of the world.
In the end, Mr. Saibi pointed out how communication efficiency is increased by asking not telling. Participants thanked Mr. Saibi for his informative and inspiring speech and asked him follow-up questions. It was great to have Mr. Saibi with us and we hope that everyone would apply themselves to ‘change comes from inside‘ philosophy. ​

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