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the Confident




With Wall Street English

you choose when and where to

learn, we teach you how

Choose to Study Online, In-Center or a

Mix of Both

Wall Street English has an integrated English learning experience

with maximum flexibility

Guaranteed Progress
If you follow our method, you will learn, guaranteed

Unlike with traditional courses, you will reach the English level you need fast using our advanced learning system.

Learn in an immersive experience, aligned to global standards, and get support to build the learning methods and routines needed to succeed.

Personalized Support
A dedicated team of people is here to support you

Highly-qualified Teachers help you learn English and validate your learning in live small classes with 3 other learners at the same level

Personal Coaches keep you motivated and help you plan so you never give up and reach the level you need.

How You Will Learn

Watch & Listen

Learning English is easy with our engaging TV series that’s always at the right level for you.

 Pronounce, Practice & Speak

  • Practice perfect pronunciation, improve your English grammar and get instant feedback with our Interactive Exercises.

Personal Feedback from your Teacher

  • Get validation from our highly-qualified teachers in small classes as you progress and achieve your learning goals.


Motivation from your Coach

  • Make sure you never give up. Plan your goals, schedule classes, and get additional English practice in ‘one-to-one’ virtual coaching sessions.

Choose the Right Plan for You

All Course Plans Include:


+Full Access to Our Proven Learning Method

+Sessions with Highly-Qualified Teachers and Supportive Coaches

+Practice Lessons, Complementary Classes and Social Activities


100% Online

Anytime, Anywhere


  • Guaranteed learning with the Wall Street English method via our digital classroom, with online follow-up and complementary and social activities



Real-Life English


  • Classic offer with in-center classes and a full range of in-person complementary and social activities, and student follow-up

Full Access

Ideal Mix


  • Complete flexibility to study both online and in-center with full support from our teachers and coaches

What Happens Next?

Get a call from our educational consultants who will confirm your goals and create your personalized learning plan.

Complete a comprehensive placement test that is aligned with global standards.

You are one call away from starting your learning experience!

+ 48 years of experience teaching English

Decades of experience as digital learning leaders mean that we have developed the best way to learn English with an award-winning platform & highly engaging learning content. Now available 100% online and in-center.

+ 3 million successful past students

We have helped millions of people reach their goals by learning English with us

+ 29 countries all around the world

Wall Street English is a global leader in English language learning with a presence in 29 countries and 4 continents.


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