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Say Yes to Maximising your English learning

31/03/2020 By


 English is becoming increasingly important, and language learning services are becoming more readily available around the world. Demand for English learning is high! And yet so many people claim they don’t have enough time to do it. 

On the other hand, a recent study has proven that people have plenty of time to learn a language and do many other things as well! Are you ready to say yes to maximising your time? 

Content Text In January 2019, Sapio Research conducted a survey for Wall Street English in eight countries around the world, interviewing 8,080 people about the amount of free time they have and how they use it.

On average, people who work very hard have four hours of free time on their working days and are free for eight hours on their day off. Add that up, and they have thirty-eight hours every week! 

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Free Time Management

So how is this extra time used? A surprising two-thirds of responses claimed it is wasted! The top four causes are as follows:


  • hanging out with people they don’t like (44%)
  • playing video and mobile phone games (42%)
  • watching TV (42%)
  • using the phone (40%)
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Ninety percent of the surveyed people expressed that they could manage their free time better. But how could they use this time? Three fourths of people said they would like to learn something, and 57% of those people specifically wanted to learn English!

Maximizing your free time to learn English

The survey demonstrates that we have free time, and ample time at that, but we often lack the discipline and motivation to use it wisely. 

Wall Street English is specifically designed to make the most of that free time, using both large gaps of your free time and small moments to teach you English. We provide the process; you just bring the free time!

As long as you have a smart device, you can study on our online platform, schedule courses and activities, learn language, and practice it on the go. Attend classes on a day and time of your choice, changing week to week your schedule fills up and empties. When you have a large block of time, you can study more intensely, and you can also slow yourself down a bit if need be. You can always catch up the following month. Life isn’t always flexible, but we are!

Making free time fun!

You might think giving up free time could mean losing out on fun, but the contrary is true! Wall Street English students meet new friends in every class, enjoy entertaining video series, play engaging games, attend parties, and much more!

Fun is a very important motivator in English learning, and it’s one of the key advantages of the Wall Street English method. 

Catered to you

Whether your responsibilities include work, study, or family needs, everyone has different goals regarding English! Are you looking to pass an exam? Do you want a better job? Are you interested in traveling to English-speaking countries? Wall Street English will personalize your plan and adapt it to your needs. 

Are your ready to make the most of your time? Would you like to turn that time into effective English learning? Would you like to say yes to a big change? If you would, see what kind of course works best for you. 



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