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Tunisian Employment Market in 2020

07/03/2020 By

For a decade now, youth has gone astray as soon as they finish their studies; they are thrust directly into the labor market hoping to find a decent job. However, they only face disappointment because there’s a certain deterioration in creating jobs in the Tunisian economy.

To better understand the situation, WSE hosted on Wednesday, the 4th of March, a special event on the Tunisian Employment Market 2020. Challenges and opportunities were discussed by our eminent guest speakers; Mrs. Ines Bouharb the CEO of Excellia, Mr. Youssef Fennira the CEO of ANETI and Mr. Lamjed Bettaieb the deputy CEO of Esprit.

This event lured many students and even outsiders as they seemed very interested since this topic dealt with the most important preoccupation of Tunisians.

Our guests were very confident about the power of this country to find appropriate solutions facing unemployment as Mrs. Ines stated that she’s very optimistic for the next years and that the Tunisian market is becoming more dynamic and adequate for young generations, yet the youth should work more on enhancing their competences. She explained that, nowadays, soft skills are crucial for employees. “Soft skills are the new hard skills” she added.


Furthermore, Mr. Youssef also agreed with Mrs. Ines since he is convinced that the technical competencies are no longer a major element for the youth whereas soft skills are taking over the labor market, such as flexibility, agility, change management, problem-solving… The CEO of ANETI also believes that today we should focus more on emotional intelligence rather than intellectual intelligence because, in companies, EQ always wins over IQ.

In addition to that, our former student, Mr. Lamjed focused on the students, especially the engineers and how they should be trained. He challenged our traditional education system by stating that we should form and train operational engineers who respond to the needs of the companies and to do so, they must experience professional situations while learning which is called dual education. He is also on the same side with Mrs. Ines and Mr. Youssef on how AI and soft skills will take over the world.


Moreover, our three guest speakers had some advice to give to the audience. First, there should be a strong direct link between the educational system and the companies. Second, they invited students to improve their languages because they are the key to explore the world. Finally, they all admitted that Tunisians should have more trust in the youth because the future is in their hands


By Zaineb Abbou


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