Movie discussion Social Club: The minimalists, less is more

Movie discussion Social Club: The minimalists, less is more

“The minimalists” was the title of the movie we discussed in Lac center with our coach Fatma Triki. The movie started and everyone was excited to get to know what it is about as the audience was not really familiar with the topic “minimalism”.

The movie showed a new method and format for the human way of living. It is an innovative way to formulate a life free of unnecessary items that will disturb and bother us in a way.

To lighten up the atmosphere, we had some snacks and beverages that students found quite delicious, especially that the movie was getting more serious with each testimonial of the characters and how minimalism affected their lives in a certain peculiar way.

We discovered a new way to see things, and the movie challenged us to give up on some items that we barely use on a weekly basis. Somehow, the director triggered us to start a challenge that will help us to get rid of things that we haven’t used for a long time, and are just stuck in the back of our room or house.

Students enjoying the movie

It was quite a challenge because we’re not used to this, but I think most importantly because it feels hard to just abandon so many things that we have, especially if they are related to or remind us of someone special in our lives. The movie highlights something that most of us aren’t paying attention to, which is impulsive buying; a lot of people keep buying things without actually using them later. It also showed how marketing plays an important role in directing the buyer’s needs and wants.

The best part of the session was the discussion that followed. The students took three sides – some of them supported the excessive buying saying it’s the only way to get the economy going; however, the others preferred to be rational and refrain from buying anything when they’re influenced because they want to save the planet. There were also those who preferred to take a leap of faith and be on a middle ground, which is not to buy excessively and at the same time not to completely boycott the industry.

The movie session ended, and it was something that neither students nor the coach expected it to be – a lot of new vocabulary, diversity of opinions, and such intense discussion yet one of the exciting ones.

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