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Our learning method

Learn English naturally: Wall Street English has developed a unique method for learning English based on the natural process of learning a native language.

The principle is simple: Remember how you learned Arabic, for example? As a child, you started by listening to your parents. Then you started to pronounce words and even simple sentences. As you learned naturally, you gradually managed to construct complete sentences. Then you learned to read and finally to produce and develop your skills with writing.

Wall Street English replicates this same process! The student is overwhelmed by an English-speaking environment! First, you will listen, repeat and then practice. That’s why the method of learning English at Wall Street English is contractually guaranteed to be 97% successful.


Customized Learning

When we talk about personalized learning, we suggest that there are no goals for all students but that the goals and the speed to achieve them are tailored to each student.

The application of digital technologies and our multimedia platform is of vital importance to carry out the personalization of learning, but the guidance of a certified teacher and a personal tutor is also essential as a support to achieve the proposed educational objectives.

Classes with teachers are held in small groups of 3 or 4 students of the same level, guaranteeing maximum use of the time spent learning the language

English levels at Wall Street English Tunisia

Each of these levels consists of four units and in turn, these units are composed of three lessons. Upon completion of each level, you will receive an official Wall Street English Certificate of Completion.

Customized learning cycle

 Your English course at Wall Street includes 20 levels of English, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each of these levels consists of four units and in turn, these units consist of three lessons. Lessons are completed by following our learning cycle.

Each lesson has three short learning cycles, called mini-cycles, that focus on specific skills or tasks you can perform while learning English, such as ordering food in a restaurant or understanding a complex presentation. During the learning cycle, you will learn the vocabulary, grammar and expressions needed to perform these tasks, have the opportunity to practice them and then do them. Finally, you will have confirmation of what you have mastered.


The first step in the learning cycle is listening. At this stage, you will watch a video, listen to an audio and in more advanced levels, read a text where the objectives are presented in a fun way. At the end of this stage, you will take a short test to confirm your general understanding of the subject.


The next step is to speak! Here you practice the sounds of new words and phrases. Through these activities, you will begin to become familiar with the meaning of vocabulary and sentence structure.


In this stage, you practice your new skills, through reading or listening activities, short tests or other interactive exercises


the new grammar, expressions and vocabulary you have learned, you can be part of a conversation where you will practice your conversation skills.


When you feel comfortable with your conversational skills and are ready to move forward with your learning, you will be asked questions to confirm your understanding of the content, help you resolve doubts and correct errors.

I read and I write

At the end of each lesson, at home or at the Wall Street English Center, you will be able to complete exercises to practice reading and writing in your study manual/digital book with the content learned during the lesson.


The final part of the learning cycle is the meeting, which consists of a small teacher-led class, which can be online or at the Wall Street English Center. During the meeting, you will be with other students who are at the same level of English as you and the class will focus on the content learned during the lessons. The teacher will give you feedback and advice on your progress.
Once the meeting is over, you will move on to the next lesson and begin the learning cycle again. The vocabulary and skills you learn will become more advanced as you progress through the course.

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