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Why Learn English at Wall Street English Tunisia

About us

The world is full of people with dreams – dreams of a successful career, dreams of moving abroad, dreams of traveling to distant places.

At Wall Street English, we help people make their dreams come true. We teach English. By learning English, a door of opportunity opens for people. By learning English, people open the door to a new future. Wall Street English has more than 450 centers around the world and is present in 30 different countries. It is thanks to its unique and effective method that today it guarantees 97% success for its students.
Our program is designed for students of all levels. We have 20 different levels of English courses from the most basic to the most advanced level for experts.

Our levels include three unique business-oriented levels, which focus on how to use the language in business situations. Through our program, students learn the actual application of the language; they learn to use it correctly in various situations. We have over 450 English speaking Wall Street centers in 30 different countries around the world.

Our centers offer an immersive experience: English is the only language spoken in the centers. We have teachers with native English who will help students practice their new language through planned social activities, in a fun environment with other people who are at similar or equal levels. We offer a global student community where you can find additional language exercises and chat with friends of the global Wall Street English family.

"The world is full of people with dreams – at Wall Street English we help people realize their dreams."

Our references

With our program, we’ve helped over 2 million people realize their dream of learning English. For over 48 years we have been passionate about teaching the English language, and our method has been tested and aligned with global standards for language acquisition and education. We currently have 250,000 students. Wall Street English has offices in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, Barcelona Spain and Luxembourg.

How do we teach English?

Learning English on Wall Street English Tunisia is more than just an education, it’s an experience.

  • A cutting-edge curriculum aligned with the global English language.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Personalized schedules.
  • Native teachers.
  • An immersive experience.
  • Courses for each skill level.
  • An approved method.
  • Global community.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • New experiences.

Why do we teach English?

Learning English opens the door to new opportunities:

  • A new job
  • A big promotion
  • New travel adventures
  • New relationships
  • New friends
  • New possibilities for study abroad
  • New experiences
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