Slam Rap event with Hatem Karoui

Slam Rap event with Hatem Karoui

Wall Street English once again hosted a breathtaking event. This time we had an insane Slam event held by our student Hatem who made the night even more special.

If you’re wondering what slam means, slam poetry is a way to perform poetry, rap, or just thoughts that rhyme. Slam is not only about the words, it also includes the performance, the competition, and the audience engagement. 

We were honored with fairly wide participation that astonished us by their hidden talents.  As usual, Wall Street English events are all about having fun while practicing, learning, and showcasing the English language. With the guidance of our teachers and coaches, the participants were divided into groups to start a fierce slam competition. Not only that, but we also had the chance to play games and sing some Karaoke meanwhile.

It is true that we don’t remember days, we remember memories. Here’s to many more great memories with Wall Street English community.

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