The Importance of learning English in 2022

The Importance of learning English in 2022

The world’s inhabitants are 7.8 billion and 17 % of them speak the English language. Out of those only, 27 % are native speakers while the others learned the language for diverse reasons whether for business, studies, or even personal motives.

According to studies and statistics, the English language is ranked as the top 1 most used language worldwide. Some researchers even predicted that it has the potential to become a universal language in the upcoming decades.

 If these reasons are still not convincing to you, did you also know that in politics, humanitarian organizations, and even international businesses English is the main language in all the official meetings and documents. Let’s take the example of the United Nations or even the European Union, where English is their main communication language.

 Not only that but if you simply want to use the internet and have full access to information and a wider range of search results, English has also been ranked as the most used language on the internet as it always has been since the word ‘’internet’’ saw the light of day.

Luigi Tiziano Peccenini, the founder of Wall Street English, saw the need in 1972 and started the institute that quickly expanded to reach 450 centers nowadays in 28 different countries to help people worldwide master the English language and break the language barrier.

Do you still have doubts or do not have enough motivation to start your learning journey?

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