Tips to Improve your English

Tips to Improve your English

How can you improve your English skills

When we started learning our mother tongue, we started by listening first. Afterwards, we started to speak, to read and finally to write. So these are the 4 skills that we acquire when we learn a new language.

Listening and reading are receptive and natural. Communication and writing, on the other hand, are productive. In order to acquire the 4 components, you must surround yourself with an English-speaking environment: Introduce it into your everyday life, at home, at work and even in your spare time.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome difficulties and improve your learning experience.

Immerse yourself as much as possible in an English universe

Perfection comes with practice! So you need to work on the skills listed at the beginning of the article.


Listening plays a vital role in language learning. Try to concentrate as much as possible and understand the meaning. This will allow you to automatically improve your speaking style afterwards.

Music: Put on your favorite singer or song and try to understand the lyrics. Download the Lyrics and repeat. This is a great exercise.

Outings and events hosted by English-speaking guests at your school or business event, for example.

Watch your favorite series or movie in English version with English subtitles: This will allow you to practice your listening skills, but also to see how words and phrases are written.


This is the most complicated of the four skills. But once the dice are cast, it will become easier and easier to speak.

Chat on social media: Don’t miss the opportunity to meet expats in Tunisia. There are several groups on social media that organize outings. You can therefore join them in outings to restaurants or to the cinema. This is a great opportunity to talk with English speaking foreigners who live in Tunisia.

Speak and record yourself: it may sound funny but it is very effective!


This is a process that takes a little longer. But do not worry !

Read booklets and articles in English:

The more you read books in English, the more you will develop an ability to understand sentence structure, spelling, grammar and expressions.

The trick: Start with books that you have already read in French or Arabic. That will be simpler ! You can also read children’s books, magazine brochures. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the words at first. The main thing is to understand the general meaning. The rest will come with practice!

Put your phone and computer in English mode:

Another tip would be to familiarize yourself with an English universe. This will help to enrich and develop your vocabulary.


Now write your notes and little phrases in English: Do you keep a diary? What could be easier than writing your thoughts in English.

Do you follow an English blog? Please feel free to leave comments and interact on topics that interest you. Do not be afraid ! Just describe your opinion in a few simple short sentences.

All the tips mentioned can be summed up in one word: PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE AGAIN !!! THE key to learning a language is to practice as much and as often as you can! Maintain a steady pace and pace: half an hour a day is ideal for maintaining your level in English.

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