Learn IELTS at Wall Street English

Among the many preparation courses available for the IELTS exam, Wall Street English is the only one which can offer you a tested and effective method that guarantees you pass with flying colors. IELTS, which stands for International English Language Testing System, is one of the most recognized examsaround the world by companies and universities because it evaluates your real knowledge of English. By choosing Wall Street English, you can experience all the unique advantages that will ensure your success.


At Wall Street English, learners are provided a high-quality course for the Academic test.The 60 or 90-hour course has been mapped by Wall Street English International authors
The 90 hour course is divided into 15 modules. 12 Modules to develop test strategies and academic English, and 3 practice test modules
Each module is 6 hours with a 1 hour writing or speaking workshop per week
Maxmum 10-12 students per class


Taking an IELTS course at Wall Street English is quite unique because learners will have many opportunities to improve their understanding and communication.
• Get involved in Social Classes and special events at any Wall Street English centre
• Attend 6 hours of weekly interactive class
• Develop further in the speaking and writing weekly workshop
• Benefit from personalized essay writing service
• Conveniently practice through our online platform, “MY English Lab”
• Witness your progress completing the in-class practice test

All necessary information about IELTS preparation is included in this e-book. Get it now!

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